About the Shawnee Tribe


Our Mission

The Shawnee Tribe Cultural Center's mission is to be the place for Shawnees to tell the story of the Shawnee past, how that informs and shapes Shawnees today, and who we see ourselves becoming tomorrow.

About The Shawnee Tribe

There are roughly 12,000 Shawnee enrolled in 3 sovereign tribes:

  • The Shawnee Tribe
  • Absentee Shawnee
  • Eastern Shawnee Tribe

There is no singular narrative that describes Shawnee history or culture. Shawnee people once lived in their ancestral homelands of the Middle Ohio Valley. Swift travelers and prolific traders, Shawnee were kind friends to many and equally fierce foes to some. Shawnee people formed alliances with other tribes that persist today.

In the past 500 years, waves of European settlers completely altered Shawnee ways of life. Under British and American rule, Shawnee language, arts, and social customs nearly vanished, as Native people fought prejudice and the suppression of their culture by a domineering Western society. Despite suppression, many traditional ways of life, ceremonies and language continue to endure.

Today, there is a healthy and inclusive community history dialog, efforts to reawaken the language, and a burgeoning Shawnee arts renaissance. The Shawnee Tribe is experiencing a cultural revival tied to the creation of its heritage organization, the Shawnee Tribe Cultural Center. The Center aims to be the place for students, educators, artists, citizens, and visitors to explore and share Shawnee culture.

To learn more about the Shawnees removal from their lands visit History – The Shawnee Tribe (shawnee-tribe.org)