Shawnee Tribe Cultural Center Pottery Exhibit


From Ancient Hands:

Rediscovery of Stories in Fire and Clay   

The Shawnee Tribal Center’s first exhibit explores the art and technology of ancestral ceramics, focusing on a pottery style called Fort Ancient. Visitors explore pottery with hands-on activities. Study pottery sherds with a microscope. Learn to make traditional decorative designs. Share recipes cooked in a pot. 

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Shawnee Tribe Cultural Center Shawnee Exhibit



The exhibit visually tells the story of the Shawnee people through objects that represent essential aspects of Shawnee life - both today and throughout history. 

In the gallery, the installation displays no written information. Shawnee language, like many indigenous languages, is not traditionally a written language. History and ways of life are deeply rooted in oral tradition, with knowledge being shared and sustained by people.  

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