Byrd's Eye View

The Artwork of Gibson Byrd

Byrd’s Eye View showcases the art of Shawnee artist Gibson Byrd, who was a lifelong artist and teacher. To honor his passion for art and teaching, interactive art exploration activities for youth and families accompany the display.

This exhibition was made possible by the generous donation of artwork by Brian Byrd and Gwain Byrd Meyer. 

Images of Exhibit

  • Gibson Byrd, a lifelong artist and educator, was known for his landscape and figurative paintings. He was a master of...

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  • With the United States’ entry into war, Gib, as his friends called him, enlisted hoping to be a pilot. He was sent to England

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  • In a haunting series of paintings and a poem, Gibson Byrd explored his complex feelings toward a Tulsa home. It was where he grew up...

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  • Artistically exploring his Shawnee heritage was a recurring theme. In doing so, Gibson would explore...

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  • Soon after being diagnosed with Parkinson’s, Gibson shifted suddenly to painting landscapes. He noted “It is liberating...

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Download our exhibit activities below. There are directions for the color wheel activity and grid drawing pages featuring Shawnee clan animals. 

More Images of Gibson Byrd

Additional images of Byrd artwork