Piye'sipiyehika noki Hatefinkaka

Piye'sipiyehika noki Hatefinkaka

Pigments and Dyes

elements are needed to make natural paint: pigment + binder + emulsifier 

Scientists estimate that ochre, a clay earth mineral mixture, has been used as a pigment for at least 100,000 years. 

Emulsifiers are stabilizers and are used to help 2 or more liquids mix.

14 out of 15 websites surveyed about Native American paint contained inaccurate or generalized information authored by non-indigenous people.  

There are 2 main ways to dye materials using plant, lichen, and tree parts: dyeing with heat and dyeing with decomposition. 

By using different parts of the Sanguinaria canadensis or bloodroot plant, at least 19 different colors can be produced.

Interested in learning more about dyeing? Check out Alaska State Museum's project:

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