Yoma Matase

Yoma Matase

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Image provided by: Courtesy Ohio History Connection, Om1502_1160522_001 

“What was our ancestor's pottery like?” 

To answer this question, Shawnee tribal citizens worked with archaeologists, anthropologists, scientists, and a Wyandot potter to study ancestral ceramics and learn to make pots. 

The Tribe turned to their homelands in the Middle Ohio Valley – the area that surrounds the Ohio River in present-day Ohio, Kentucky, West Virginia, and Indiana. In this region between about AD 1400 and 1750, people created a distinctive style of pottery known as Late Fort Ancient pottery. 

Late Fort Ancient style pots are also found in Shawnee settlements along the Savannah River in Georgia and South Carolina. The Shawnee Tribe is partnering with archaeologists and scientists to study the relationship between the vessels found in the Middle Ohio Valley and Shawnee villages along the Savannah River. What links does the pottery show between the makers of Fort Ancient ceramics and Shawnee people?