Kay’ wawaysetoh

Kay’ wawaysetoh

Decorate it

Image provided by: Courtesy Ohio History Connection, A2121_000525 

In addition to their many uses, ceramics are a medium where potters can express their identity, artistic talents, and beliefs. The designs ancient potters carved into clay reflect their training, the styles common to their families and communities, as well as personal expression.

One of the most common designs on Fort Ancient pottery is guilloche—two or more continuous bands of intertwined design, like ribbons. We don’t know how this term became associated with Fort Ancient pottery. It is a French word originating around 1860. 

Fun Fact: Instead of using the French word guilloche, we suggest using the Shawnee word pa’peyea’menakwe—weave or pattern (literally translates to “something is coming that’s pretty”). 

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