M’skwahe tha

M’skwahe tha

Endangered Mussles

Fresh water mussels live on rocky river bottoms. When forests and grasslands are cleared, soil erodes into streams and rivers. This soil buries rocky river bottoms and smothers mussels. Most mussels cannot live on muddy, silty river bottoms.

Eroding soils also carry pollution. Mussels are filter feeders. They strain particles of food from large quantities of water. Mussels filter pollutants our of water as well their food. Like people, mussels need clean water to survive.

Fun Fact: Other filter feeders include other clams, certain species of whales, sea sponges, barnacles, corals, and even flamingoes.

Play the Neo the Neosho Mucket Game

To play, print the game board. It is formatted for Tabloid 11 x 17 in. paper. Use shells or coins or whatever for markers. Roll one dice and move. Player who completes their life cycle wins.