Drum Stick


On Loan from Ben Barnes

“This is an atypical drumstick for Shawnee, but it is one that means a lot to me,” explains Ben Barnes. “Not only is there a lot of symbolism, but carving the stick helped me keep it together. I lost a house in the flood of 2007. I had this beautiful piece of walnut a friend had given me and I started carving. It took the whole summer. I am not a trained carver. I just had a draw knife. The piece just kind of came out of the wood. Being that I am rabbit clan, I carved rabbit tracks which run counter clockwise, since that is the way we dance. The white oak acorn was the hardest part! To finish the stick, I rubbed in black shoe wax to highlight the carvings and put linseed on it. It just glows. I’ve used the drum stick at social gatherings over the years.” 


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