Gary Henson

Gary Henson

Shawnee Stories

Gary is a member of the Shawnee Tribe, brother to Robin Henson and son of Inez Running-rabbit. He has been an artist his entire life, focusing on jewelry making and sculpting in bronze and clay and has large scale pieces at the Phillbrook Museum, Woodward Park and the Tulsa Historical Society all in Tulsa, OK. He learned and worked with his mother Inez Running-rabbit and continues on her traditions.  

Gary graduated from the school of Modern Shamanism and also studied with family members Aunt Annie Dick, Inez Running-rabbit, Bill Shawnee and his Uncle Acee Blue Eagle. He feels strongly about continuing this tradition and the tradition of storytelling as highlighted through these stories. He is a teacher of his life’s work teaching art classes for adults and children as well as wanting to teach storytelling through storytelling and explaining the significance of the storytellers bag and totems. 


The Story Teller's Bag 

Hanging Hair and Friend

How the Iroquois League Began

The Last Rose

The Story of the Spoon

Wind Horse

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