Jim Lee

Jim Lee

One Shawnee Family's Story

Jim received Bachelor of Science Degree in Chemistry from Northwestern Oklahoma State University and is currently a Measurement Manager for ONEOK in Tulsa.  A strong advocate for education in trade skills, he is involved in organizing and teaching at various Hydrocarbon Measurement Schools for the oil and gas industry.  His personal interests focus on genealogy and family history which he and his wife Jeri have been involved in for over 40 years. One of Jim and Jeri’s current projects include reclaiming a forgotten Native American cemetery near Miami, Oklahoma where his Shawnee great-grandmother was buried in 1891.  In addition to this, he serves as President of the Nidiffer Cemetery Preservation Association.

Jim Lee’s Shawnee ancestors can be traced back to his 4th great grandfather, Silver Heels, a notable Shawnee warrior and leader. Silver Heels was the younger brother to the more famous Chief Cornstalk (Hokoleskwa), and their sister, Nonhelema aka Grenadier Squaw. All were born in the early 1700’s, and each played a significant role in the Shawnee’s fight against the encroaching Europeans.

This is a brief snapshot of his Shawnee family beginning with Silver Heels in Ohio, and through the family’s move to Indian Territory in the 1870’s.

Jim’s Euro-American family, who emigrated to North America in the mid 1600’s, interacted with the Shawnee on numerous occasions during the 1700’s. Jim has some remarkably interesting stories about these interactions, and the people involved.



Silver Heels - Cornstalk

Silver Heels Jr - Moses Silvereheel

Julia Ann Ellick

Conversations with Jim

Jim talks about how the Draper Manuscript has helped in his research 



Jim talks about Fort Pitt, the records that were kept,and how that relates to his famiy geneology