Event Videos

Jeremy Turner Presents: Dressing for Success - Shawnee Clothing of the 18th Century

Talon Silverhorn Presents: Living tools: Traditional Archery and Hunting

Jim Lee Virtual Presentation: Native American Genealogy and Family Histories

Genealogy Article - Resource

Dr. Steve Warren Virtual Presentation: Performing Tecumseh: Race and Memory in Mid-Century Ohio

Dr. Andrew A. Szarejko Virtual Presentation: Native Nations and the Frontiers of Early U.S. Foreign Policy

Dr. Colin Calloway Virtual Presentation: Shawnee History and American History from the Center of the Universe

Marnie Leist, Director of the Shawnee Tribe Cultural Center demonstrates how to make natural cordage.

Dr. Andrew A. Szarejko provides a presentation to the Shawnee Tribe Cultural Center and community on his PHD dissertation materials. Recorded on May, 31, 2019.